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The easy way on board


Welcome to an easier and a better boating experience!

We at Båtsystem are delighted to present our new catalogue with loads of new products, driven by clients’ ideas as well as from our own deep love for boating. Developing and producing boat equipment to achieve a more enjoyable time at sea is a commitment and we try hard to target every member of the family, irrespectively of age, also including your pet dog. Our first product range is thus targeting this highly essential need: ladders, gangways, lifting devices, bow and stern platforms are all examples for the easy way on board. However, it doesn’t end there! Many products feature a second task as well. For example, bowsprits do not only provide a sturdy platform and the place to fit your built-in telescopic or hanged on ladder. At the same time, it acts as the perfect place to stow your anchor or to attach your gennaker or your Code-0 sail. Our second product range is within creating a welcoming and homey atmosphere by means of LED lighting. Boats feel wider, more spacious and roomier if indirect lighting defines the edges of the cabin. Add some courtesy lights to create special effects on deck, under deck or under water. Simply illuminate what matters. We hope you will enjoy the catalogue and that some of our products will help you achieve a better boating experience.

Båtsystem is a specialist when it comes to getting you and your equipment on and off the boat. We have ladders and accessories for all situations for the whole family, old and young and the dog, including the dinghy and it's outbard motor.