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Who doesn’t enjoy a day out at sea? Quietly cut the waves with your sailing boat or escape with your powerboat for a swim, barbeque, or water skiing challenge with friends and family. Whatever you prefer, time at sea offers something extraordinary for many of us. Get inspired to a simpler, funnier, and safer boat life with us!

Get inspired by others!

Check out how your boat will look with a bowsprit, ladder, or bathing platform! Search for your model and see what kind of equipment others have chosen for similar boats and how the products are installed.

We have gathered hundreds of photos, boat models, and mounting options to inspire and make your choice easier. The images are just suggestions and there are certainly many more ways depending on desired features and functionality.

We need your photos!

Have you installed any of our products on your boat? If so, please send us a picture to and we will upload it to our other customer references!

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Visit our well-stocked gallery for even more inspiration! Find smart solutions that suit all conceivable boats and needs!

Find your boat model and see how others have chosen to assemble their Boat System products.

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Movie Room

Do not miss our inspiring and informative film room. Take part in, among other things, our largest lighting school in six parts, driving data from test runs with Zipwake or watch product videos with everything from davits to underwater lighting.

You will find this, and much more in our movie room!

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