Step by step - find the right ladder

A ladder onboard is essential when it comes to comfort and safety - choose a ladder that fits all your needs. Our guide gives you tips and advice on how to think when it comes to style, position, and features. If you have any furhter questions, please feel free to contact us and we will help you find the ladder you are looking for.


How many steps should my ladder have?

Rather one step extra than one too little, regardless of whether it is the ladder on the bowsprit, the transom or the stern platform. Several of our ladders have folding and telescopic parts that can be adjusted as required.

EU has introduced new directives for bathing ladders. Among other things, the required depth of the ladder below the waterline increased from 35 cm to 55 cm. Make sure your ladder meets these requirements. Take a look at our laddersLadder Transom and Telescopic Ladder, which are updated to the new EU standard.


Comfortable steps

Both small and large feet can slip when they are wet. Make sure the ladder has footsteps that are comfortable to climb on and provide a safe grip. All of our ladders have flat, comfy steps with rifled surface - both safe and comfortable.

Do not miss our comfortable teak steps. They are available in several sizes, perfect to complement your ladder with. Click here for more information.



Something to hold on to

Make sure that the ladder takes you all the way up in the boat. Several of our ladder models have built-in handles that make it easier for boarding and disembarking. The models which do not have it, such as the smooth ladders in casing, can be complemented with removable handles attached to the bowsprit or the platform.

Check out our Comfort Series. Bowsprits with welded and sturdy handles. Available in several sizes.



A ladder on the stern platform

Complete the stern platform with a smooth ladder in casing or a BUT ladder with handles. A ladder in casing is easy to pull out when in the water because it is mounted underneath the platform. Another benefit is that it does not take up any space on the platform.

Check out this detailed step-by-step guidance regarding our safety ladders for powerboats and sailing yachts.

If you choose to mount a ladder in casing on the platform, we recommend our ladders with 3-4 steps. This gives you enough depth that greatly simplifies the climb.



Ladder on the transom

If you do not have a stern platform on the boat, it is (even more) important that there is a ladder if something would happen. Our Bathing ladders are easy to fold down when in the water and have an increased depth for easy climbing. Of course, these also work well as bathing ladders for more voluntary dipping.

Rarely a transom is straight. We have lots of ladders with adjustable struts that can be easily adapted to the boat.

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