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Mosquito net and 100% blackout in the same product. The combination of the two layers of curtain/blind and one layer of mosquito net darkens, lets air through and keeps the mosquitoes out of the boat. It is easily mounted from the inside with two suction cups or the new alternative with magnets. It is suitable for roof hatches with interior dimensions up to 720 x 720 mm. The overlap of the curtain varies depending on the hatch size. Folds down to ? size, storage bag included. Fits all brands of hatches. ? Works with open and closed hatch ? 100% blackout ? Thin, builds less than 3 mm ? Suitable for hatches with interior dimensions up to 720 x 720 mm (28" x 28") ? Pop-up function for easy assembly ? No permanent installation ? After use it folds it into a third of its size ? Suitable for most hatches/brands on the market ? Magnet option as an alternative to suction cup is included
Size - 800 x 800 mm (31" x 31"), inside up to 720 x 720 mm (28" x 28") Material - Polyester mesh, PVC, chromed steel frame, brass grommet Color - White / Silver Weight - 150 gram (5,3 oz) Storage size - Storage bag ø 100 x 12 MM (ø 4" x 1/2") Fits - all major brands such as Lewmar, Rutgersons, Bomar, Taylor Made, Gebo, Goiot and many more.  Read more - FAQ Art nr - #1315
Download Fact sheet  DOWNLOAD FACT SHEET See also more sizes Blackout shades / blinds for hatches for good sleep is important. Sleeping at its best at sea is no exaggeration. Relaxing and holiday in combination and being slowly cradled to sleep cannot be wrong. Unfortunately, it can be wrong. It gets bright early in the morning and it is warm in the boat. The sun often rises 4 - 5 in the morning and it is probably earlier than most people want to get up in the morning. There are few blinds that today can offer a darkness for the best sleep that you deserve. Blackout Blinds with ventilation for large hatches from Waterline Design offer a practical solution..
Darkness is essential to sleep. The absence of light sends a critical signal to the body that it is time to rest. Light exposure at the wrong times alters the body's internal "sleep clock"?the biological mechanism that also regulates sleep-wake cycles?in ways that interfere with both the quantity and quality of sleep.. Managing your exposure to light in your boat and in your cabin is fundamental to creating a healthy sleep environment. With awareness, attention, and some simple planning, you can create a boat berth that guards against unwanted light at night and protects the quality of your sleep until you are ready to wake. Blinds and shades on hatches keep outside light from disturbing your sleep. Make sure window coverings are heavy enough to fully block light, and are well fitted to avoid slivers of streetlight or early morning sunlight from filtering in. Even brief exposure to light can interfere with sleep. Our blackout blinds from Waterline Design are designed to help you have a better sleep when you have large hatches. Remember that some hulls also let through a lot of light..
You can also have an open hatch, dark inside in your cabin and still have some ventilation air / in the boat. We have designed the blind with double layer of material that overlaps each other. It will create an air gap. The air is small so air will not run fully but it will create ventilation. If you want to have greater air quantity, you can put something (like a sponge) between the layers to force it open..
Mosquito free
There will also be one layer of dense mosquito net to prevent mosquitoes, No-see-ums, gnats, midgets, bugs etc. inside. Your help is close with blackout Blinds with ventilation for large hatches..
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