Switches & Dimmers

Discover our complete series of switches, sockets and dimmers - designed to work perfectly together with our wide lighting assortment. Adjust the lighting on board to create the right atmosphere, and get an activity-oriented lighting that is easy to control after your specific need.

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  1. Antenna Socket TV
    Antenna Socket TV
    Antenna socket for TV Learn More
  2. Dimmer 12V/24V
    Dimmer 12V/24V
    Adjust the light for every occasion. Connecting a dimmer to ... Learn More
  3. Distance Frame Switches & Sockets
    Distance Frame Switches & Sockets
    Distance frame for switches and sockets.Surface mounted A... Learn More
  4. Double Frame
    Double Frame
    Double frame for a a switch, dimmer, or socket. Available... Learn More
  5. Double Switch
    Double Switch
    Doubleswitch, with frame and a unit.Two single-pole switches... Learn More
  6. Double Switch Retractive
    Double Switch Retractive
    Retractive doubleswitch, with frame and a unit. Two singl... Learn More
  7. Frame Switch/Dimmer
    Frame Switch/Dimmer
    Frame for aswitch, dimmer, or socket. Available in differ... Learn More
  8. Neptune LED Tape Dimmer
    Neptune LED Tape Dimmer
    Dimmer for LED tape 12V. LED tape is becoming more and more ... Learn More
  9. Neptune LED Tape Retractive
    Neptune LED Tape Retractive
    Retractive dimmer for 12V LED lights.  LED tape is bec... Learn More
  10. Plug II LED Rail
    Plug II LED Rail 75105
    Plug for Led Rail 12V plug. Makes it easy to connect the ... Learn More
  11. Polaris Dimmer Unit
    Polaris Dimmer Unit BD1210
    LED tapes are becoming more common in boats with modern, ind... Learn More
  12. Polaris dimmer remote
    Polaris dimmer remote BD1210R8
    Båtsystems newest version of dimmer, Polaris, is a remote co... Learn More
  13. Polaris wireless rotary unit
    Polaris wireless rotary unit
    Coupling dimmers to different types of lighting makes it pos... Learn More
  14. Single Switch Changeover
    Single Switch Changeover
    A single switch with a changeover feature, with frame and a ... Learn More
  15. Single Switch Retractive - Frame & Unit
    Single Switch Retractive - Frame & Unit
    Retractive single switch, with frame and a unit. Learn More
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