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For a mosquito-free life on the boat. A universal sized mosquito net that fits all brand of portlights. Mounts from the inside of the boat with a suction cup or a magnet. The suction cup or magnet is attached to a string, that are used to keep the net towards the hull. It is suitable for portlights with interior dimensions up to 180 x 430 mm. The mosquito net is supposed to be larger to cover the ?cut out" hole. This makes the net good for variation in portlights sizes. It will also fit different shapes: rectangular, oval and elliptical portlights. Folds down to ? size, storage bag included. ? Pop up = 5 seconds mounting ? Suitable for portlights with interior dimensions up to 180 x 430 mm (7½"x17") ? Fast mounting with suction cup or magnet ? Easy to store, folds to 1/3 of the size ? Fits all brands of portlights ? Mounts from the inside ? Ventilates the boat ? Keeps out mosquitoes, sandflies, No-See-Ums, gnats, wasps etc.
Size - 230 x 490 mm / 10" x 19", inside up to 180 x 430 mm / 7½" x 17" Material - Polyester mesh, chromed steel frame, brass grommet Color - Black Weight - 25 gram / 0,9 oz Storage size - Storage bag ø 100 x 12 mm / ø 4" x ½" Fits - all major brands such as Lewmar, Rutgersons, Bomar, Taylor Made, Gebo, Goiot and many more.  Read more - FAQ Art nr - #1430
See more mosquito net / bug screen sizes Cut from Wikipedia. Mosquito netting can be made from cottonpolyethylenepolyesterpolypropylene, or nylon.[7] A mesh size of 1.2 millimeters (0.047 in) stops mosquitoes, and smaller, such as 0.6 millimeters (0.024 in), stops other biting insects such as biting midges/no-see-ums.
Waterline Design
Mosquito nets for small portlights from Waterline Design are made of durable polyester netting that is made to last long time. All bug screens are made with mesh size 0,6 millimeter (0,024 in) to prevent the smallest biting insects, midges, No-see-ums, gnat etc. plus all large bugs such as Wasps. We believe it?s essential with protection for more than standard mosquitoes. Many other common manufacturers of mosquito net for boats just offer bug screens for mosquitoes.
Set up mosquito net for small portlights
Waterline Design offers different mosquito nets: set up from the inside or ?Throw-over" a hatch. Set up from inside with a magnet or suction cup is done in a few seconds. A steel frame is holding out the net. The net is supposed to be larger and cover the cut-out hole for the hatch or portlight. You attach the suction cup or magnet to an open hatch. You than use cord that runs from the suction cup, through the net in an eyelet / grommet and ends with a cord lock. With the cord lock you can press the larger net to the boat ceiling. Since the net is larger, it will be 100% mosquito free. The cord lock will close the eyelet / grommet. The Throw-over net is a net that you hang or drape over the hatch. A weight band keeps it in place and seal against the outside of the boat. This type of net is especially good when you have a roller blind on the inside. The disadvantage is the you need to go outside to set it up. Often done when it?s bedtime and the mosquitoes are most active, and you expose yourself to the bugs. This net also works perfect for the companionway. Our companionway net is one of our most sold products. Easy to use and fast to set up.
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BrandWaterline Design by Båtsystem
Manufacturer SKU1430

How to use

  1. Open the portlight.
  2. Mount the suction cup or magnet according to instructions on the mosquito net.
  3. Press the suction or the magnet (magnet and metal plate) to the window. Make sure the suction cup and window are clean for the best result.
  4. The net will be on the outside of the portlight.
  5. Tighten up the blind against the wall/portlight.
  6. Use the security line and attach it to the knob on the portlight.

To remove the net, don't pull in the net. First, remove the suction cup or magnet with a finger.

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