Lighting to boat

The pleasant light onboard.

Have you ever thought about what the rght lighting means for your boat and the atmosphere on board?

At Båtsystem we are experts in lighting. We know all about how you can use direct and indirect light to create a unique atmosphere on board. Create a personal touch on the boat with our LED lighting and get a number of smart functions that enhance the experience.

The right lighting creates space, enhances design and makes it easy to change the mood and atmosphere on board. Contact us and we will give you tips on how you can light your particular boat.

Lighting School Part 1

Bigger boat with LED

Lighting School Part 2

Cozier boat with LED

Lighting School Part 3

Highlight with LED spot illumination

Lighting School Part 4

Functional light with LED

Lighting School Part 5

LED Light as an investment

Lighting School Part 6

Protect your LED investment
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