Lighting on board

Find inspiring texts and articles that give suggestions on how to light the boat in the best way possible.

Bluetooth controlled lights

Our lighting solution makes it possible to control and set the right feeling in different places in the boat, all from your smartphone.

Courtesy Lights

Add a personal touch and get smart functions that enhances the boating experience, both inside and out.

Indirect Lighting

With our light strips you can, for example illuminate the edges of the cabin, cabinets or storage compartments while creating space, mood and atmosphere after your own choice.

Renew your boat with light

See your boat in a new light - you can raise the mood on board  with small means while reducing energy consumption with our LED technology,

10 steps to fantastic light

Our experts have shared and developed how you can enhance your boaring experience in ten steps by placing the right light, in the right way.

Smart charging on board

Installing separate USB sockets in the boat is a thing of the past. Our lighting series "Tube USB" has a charging stations integrated to make your life easier!

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