Exterior Lighting

Deck safety is significantly enhanced by light at night. This can be done by floodlight from above or by means of many small dots that smartly light up the deck, a staircase, a companionway or other obstacles. Keeping safe on deck is important and looks stylish at the same time!

Deck lighting

Place a strong power-efficient LED flood light in your mast or on your aft pole in order to give strong working light on the deck. It’s so power-efficient it can even be left on at anchor to look cool and to avoid burglars!  

Dot & effect lighting

Placed close to the deck, a companionway, or under stairs to solely light up where you place your feet. Increases safety and looks very stylish and smart! Available in various colors.

Functional lighting

Watertight lights to be placed in deck lockers and other outdoor places in a harsh environment. Can also be placed under a bimini or a boom to light up the cockpit.  

Underwater lighting

Light up the surrounding water to give that extra feeling of luxury. Install them directly onto the hull or detachable onto the stern ladder. 

How to illuminate different spaces

Read or quick guide on how to illuminate different rooms and spaces in your boat!

Get inspired by others!

Take a look at our customer references. See how others have chosen to work with light both indoors, outdoors and underwater!

Client lighting references

More lighting guides

Take a look at our guides and get more tips and inspiration about lighting!

Give me inspiration!

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  1. Aquadisc 100 Underwater Light
    Aquadisc 100 Underwater Light
    Underwater lighting that creates a welcoming atmosphere and ... Learn More
  2. Aqualight Underwater Light
    Aqualight Underwater Light
    Underwater lighting that creates a welcoming atmosphere and ... Learn More
  3. Cable LED Rail
    Cable LED Rail 75106
    Extension cable for Led Rail. Available in two lengths, 3 o... Learn More
  4. Decklight
    Decklight 94880v
    It provides a warm and powerful light that creates a cozy an... Learn More
  5. Dot 30 Spotlight
    Dot 30 Spotlight
    Watertight LED spotlight, 12 V with class IP66. The cockpit... Learn More
  6. Dot Colored Spotlight
    Dot Colored Spotlight
    Watertight colored LED spotlight, 12V, IP66. The cockpit is... Learn More
  7. Dot Opaque Spotlight
    Dot Opaque Spotlight
    LED dot opaque spotlight, available in different colors, 12V... Learn More
  8. Gleam 46 Downlight
    Gleam 46 Downlight
    Surface-mounted housing in a round design with dome shaped l... Learn More
  9. Holder for Mastlight
    Holder for Mastlight 9558
    Take lighting to newlevels Practical holder for Mastlight. ... Learn More
  10. LED Rail 500 mm
    LED Rail 500 mm 7511
    Led Rail is the ideal functional light - watertight, flexibl... Learn More
  11. Mastlight
    Mastlight 9557
    Lamp insert, suitable for mounting together with a mastlight... Learn More
  12. Plastic Plate for Aquadisc
    Plastic Plate for Aquadisc 9560
    Plastic plate for installation of Aquadisk. Designed with ... Learn More
  13. Plastic profile
    Plastic profile 9250
    Hide the light fittings - illuminate the surroundings LED t... Learn More
  14. Profile D Functional Light 1000 mm
    Profile D Functional Light 1000 mm 9255
    Smooth and functional A watertight lighting strip with a bu... Learn More
  15. Profile D Functional Light 500 mm
    Profile D Functional Light 500 mm 9254
    Smooth and functional. A watertight lighting strip with a b... Learn More
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