Smoother Scandinavian mooring.

Forget rolly nights at anchor. Keep the bow into the swell by sternanchorning and savour quite comfortable nights on the hook. Or berth "bow-to" and enjoy the tranquility and privacy facing away from the busy marine quay.

Imagine sliding into the harbour, easily manoeuvring your boat while you have full control over your stern-anchor. A windlass system makes it easy to launch the stern-anchor, even under the hardest circumstances. When leaving the harbour, you just push the button, let the windlass drag your boat out to anchor and hoist it up easily.

For a complete windlass system:

1. Windlass

2. Cable kit

3. Fuse

4. Anchor holder

5. Leaded rope

6. Anchor

7. Swivel

8. Remote Control

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  1. Aluminum Plate 225x225 mm
    Aluminum Plate 225x225 mm 1418
    Aluminium plate for transom mount SB/P. Attach between hull... Learn More
  2. Automatic Fuse 100A
    Automatic Fuse 100A 1121
    Automatic fuse for Ankarlift. 100A   Learn More
  3. Brasswire
    Brasswire 1141
    Brasswires for transducers. Ankarlift has an automatic stop ... Learn More
  4. Disc Rubber
    Disc Rubber 1130
    Disc, rubber (no 12 on construction). Learn More
  5. Disc Stainless Steel
    Disc Stainless Steel 1131
    Disc, stainless steel (no 13 on construction). Available fo... Learn More
  6. Drive Wheel 14 mm
    Drive Wheel 14 mm 1128
    Drive wheel for 14 mm leaded line (No. 39 on construction). Learn More
  7. Drive Wheel 16 mm
    Drive Wheel 16 mm 1127
    Drive wheel for 16 mm leaded line (No. 39 on construction). Learn More
  8. Electric Motor 1000W
    Electric Motor 1000W 1122
    Electric motor 1000w, 12V DC (no 1 on construction). Learn More
  9. Extra Remote Windlass
    Extra Remote Windlass 1105
    Wireless remote for retrofitting and completion of existing ... Learn More
  10. Gear 53:1
    Gear 53:1 1123
    Gear 53:1 (no 2 on construction). Learn More
  11. Guiding Block Transducer
    Guiding Block Transducer 1126
    Guiding block for transducer (No. 5 on construction). Learn More
  12. Hull Fitting Anchor Line
    Hull Fitting Anchor Line 1155
    Through hull fitting for anchor line (No. 40 on construction... Learn More
  13. Mounting Kit U-Plate 2-Pack
    Mounting Kit U-Plate 2-Pack 1140
    Mounting kit 2 x u-plate with bolts. Learn More
  14. Mounting Plate
    Mounting Plate 1134
    Mounting plate (no 23 on construction). Learn More
  15. Organiser Outside Mounting
    Organiser Outside Mounting 1132
    Organiser for outside mounting assembly (no 14 on constructi... Learn More
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